Kingdom Kids was started because of a Dear Mother in Israel, Becky Stayton, a mother and grandmother, had many beautiful experiences with the Lord. She was inspired to start meeting with the children at Living Hope and Outreach Branches. She invited myself, Ken and Jean Schmidt and many others to be involved. It truly has been a blessed experience for the Kids and the Staff. The Kingdom Kids Pledge is memorized by the children to keep them focus on Jesus. I'm a Kingdom Kid, and I'm here to say, I'm Living my life in a brand new way. So this pledge help's them to continue there walk and life with the Lord. The activities at the meetings, prayers, crafts, games, snacks and many other activities have created a great fellowship between the Kids and the Staff. I hope and pray that other branches will start this program in their congregation to not only help build the relationship with Jesus Christ in our homes, but will help to invite others into the Kingdom of God. 

Jack Hagensen
Jack Hagensen

 Kingdom Kids has been a blessing to me. Watching the children grow in understanding while enjoying back-to-basic activities and putting new skills into action is encouraging and heartwarming to me. Kingdom Kids has not only given me the opportunity to help children learn about faith and prayer but I have learned more about the importance of consistent daily prayer and the power it holds for me and others. Exploring the different lessons on prayer, faith and a continued relationship with God have proven to me how even as adults we really are all still God’s children. 

Pete Peterson
Pete PetersonKingdom Kid staff

 Thank you for all your work in preparing these.(The Living Cross packets) They are a huge ministry and I love how the kids are involved. 

Sarah Smith
Sarah SmithParent

 This is fantastic; thank you so much! (The Living Cross) This is a good thing because the children will grow up knowing Jesus and these paintings will be in their memories that they will never forget and i myself; have learned a lot from these lessons, and I appreciate it. 

LensonRestoration Youth Home asst director