Scripture Memory Games

Scripture Memory Games
Missing a Word

Write the scripture on a white board. Everyone says the scripture.
Have a child erase one or two words and just draw a line where the word had been:
“For God so ________ the world that he gave His only
____________ son. John 3:16”

All say the scripture again. Hopefully, they will remember what word belongs in the blank. Keep saying the scripture and erasing one word at a time until the whole scripture is memorized.

I used to do this with kids when memorizing a song for a concert.  It can be a lot of fun.

Here's an example

Bop the Balloon

After a scripture has been learned by whole class, toss a balloon into the air. Tell the kids that they need to keep the balloon in the air. Whoever touches the balloon gets to say the next word in the scripture.

If the balloon touches the ground or if they don’t know the next word, the whole class can say the scripture before trying again from the beginning.

Build a Scripture

Use blocks or large linking blocks. Write one word of a scripture on each block using a label maker, tape or stickers.  Kids take turns, or work as a team, to build a tower with the blocks in order to make the scripture.  

Pass it On

Start a scripture and point, or say someone’s name, to continue the scripture. They can pass it on after a few words if they want.

Leader: “Make a joyful" — David

David: “noise unto the Lord" — Kenna

Kenna: “serve the Lord with gladness" - etc.

Light unto my path

Hide cards with one word each from scripture around the room. Turn off lights. When kids enter classroom, hand out little flashlights or battery tea lights. Ask them to find the cards. Have them bring each card to the white board. If they don’t know the scripture the words are for, tell them that you will sing it in one of songs today, so be listening for it.

Some More Ideas

Lots of ideas from the "Scripture Lady" website