Hand of Prayer

It is important to teach children to pray.  Prayer is just a conversation with God.  But, not all prayer is just asking for things.  Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer as a pattern, but He wants a relationship with us, not just words.

As we go through the Lord's Prayer, we will see ways to grow deeper in our prayer lives.  We will discover that the Lord's Prayer has layers. We can keep peeling off those layers to find great treasure inside!

I    P.R.A.Y.

This method of remembering the parts of prayer is not unique to K Kids.  A quick Google search will show many others who teach this. However, we put together a couple of methods and the "Hand of Prayer" was developed.

This video is a great resource in teaching the four parts of prayer.

God's Story - Prayer

Hand of Prayer

The Lord's Prayer can be divided into different categories.  

I = Our father who art in Heaven.

Foundation: Who is God?  Who are we? He is our father, we are His children.


P= Praise

Hallowed be thy name / ...the power and the glory forever

Praise begins the Lord's Prayer and ends with it.  

Praise is important in prayer.   We come into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with PRAISE. (Psalm 100)


R = Repent & Forgive

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Repentance and forgiveness is in the middle of the Lord's prayer.  

In a chiasm, an ancient Hebrew way of writing, the middle is the most important. 


A = Ask.  

Give us this day our daily bread. / And suffer us not to be led into temptation,  but deliver us from evil.

Asking is the supplication part of the prayer.  


Y = Yield.  

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven/For thine is the kingdom

Yielding is part of listening to God's will and what will bring Him glory.  

When we yield, we allow God's will to be done, not ours. 

We would love to hear your experiences with helping children to pray.  Be sure to comment below!

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