3. Listen to the King

Prayer is not a one sided conversation.  

Prayer is talking to our Heavenly Father who loves us 

and wants a relationship with us.

As with everything, His love permeates all aspects of our lives and our relationship with Him.

In this Prayer Point we introduce the idea of 

listening when we pray.

Listen to the King.png

Review the Hand of Prayer quickly. 

Especially review the Ask and Yield part. 

Have the kids help sum up the concepts.

When we have a conversation with someone, 

should we do all of the talking?


Do an activity where one person is trying to tell a story to someone but everyone one else is talking and being a distraction. Maybe have a few YAKKs or helpers act this out. Or you could use puppets if that works for your kids.

Talk about it:
Was it hard to hear? Why?
How could you have heard better?
Discuss needing to be quiet to hear.

ASK: Have you ever heard God speak to you? 

Do you think He could? 

Talk about how God has talked to people in the past.



and others heard God's voice.

But He also talks to us through dreams, thoughts, songs, 

scriptures, nature, events and other people.

Don’t forget that not all voices are of God. 

We have to know God’s voice through experience 

and if it matches with scripture.


This is a video I did for the kids on the subject of listening:

Click here: Listening Video

Tune In Activity

There is a tendency for us to compare ourselves with others. Maybe some have never noticed God speaking to them. It’s important to bring out the fact that God speaks to us in many different ways and we have to tune our hearts to hear Him. It’s not that He isn't speaking, we just haven’t learned to tune into His frequency.

We did an activity with walkie talkies. We had a set of four. We gave one to a leader who secretly went to a classroom, turned on his walkie talkie, and began sending out messages and clues about how to they could find him.

The kids were split into three groups. Each group was given a walkie talkie with no batteries. They were given instructions to try to find the leader using their walkie talkie.

First, they had to ask for batteries and put them in properly. (This is like us connecting with God and asking for His Holy Spirit to guide us.)

Then, they had to find the right channel to hear him speaking. There were 22 channels on our walkie talkies. (We have to tune in to hear God’s voice. He is always speaking but we might not be on the right channel.)

After finding the right channel, they had to follow the clues to find the leader. (This is like when God gives us directions but we may have to search to find out what the message means.)


How do we tune in to God's channel?

Look at the four parts of prayer again.

Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield.

When we worship God with a clean heart and desire to know Him and truly seek Him, He will answer.  

It might not be in the exact time and way we expect, though. 

He seems to like to keep us seeking and asking.


If you have testimonies of listening to God, share them.

Ask the kids if they have ever heard God speak to them.  

You might be surprised at their answer. 


Put it Into Practice


Ask the kids to pray for people in their lives that are on their hearts and minds.

Maybe God is nudging you or encouraging you to pray for them.



A challenge we did was to focus on the Kingdom Kid pledge: "...I'm living my life in a brand new way"

We challenged each person to ask the Lord what He wanted to make new in their lives. Some children had immediate experiences while others didn't.

Remind them that God works in His own time and way.  Just because He didn't answer right then, doesn't mean He isn't listening.



Challenge the children to keep listening.  Give them a journal or something to write any thoughts or names that God gives them. 

Listening is a Lifelong Challenge

I think it is important for everyone to know that we all are learning to listen throughout our whole lives. 

None of us have it perfected.

But, as we go through the next Prayer Points we will work on fine tuning our ability to know what might be God speaking or not.


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We would love to hear from you, your ideas, and experiences.

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