Testimonies and Praise Reports

Are children too young to be powerful pray-ers?

It has been said, "There is no junior Holy Spirit." The same Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the grave is the same Holy Spirit that lives in each one of His children, old and young.

Here are some of examples of the prayers of children and prayers for children.                 

Healed of Allergy      


Becky Stayton

For at least 28 years I had known that I was sensitive to citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and limes. Whenever I ate them, I would wake up the next morning with a horrible headache. It was a migraine headache and it would make me very sick. So, of course, I avoided them as much as possible.                  

My grandchildren knew that I was sensitive to them and started praying for me to be healed. My granddaughter was 5 years old at the time and my grandson was 8. I was touched that they had prayed for me. I said out loud, “I accept that healing prayer! If God wants to heal me, bring it on!”    

They had faith enough to begin asking if I had eaten any oranges or lemons yet.  It took me a little while longer to have faith to even try.  But, eventually, through God's mercy and children's faith, I was totally healed! 

We Need to Pray!

Amy Jo Gillam

Alyssa and her younger brother, Alex, were with their parents in the library at school. Amy Jo was the new librarian and they all were working to get some things organized for the new year.  The door to the library was a glass door with two full glass windows on either side of it.  When they were ready to go, Amy Jo called her kids to hurry up and held the door open for them. Alex came running but missed the door and ran right into a large glass window. The glass cracked and he backed away.   A few seconds later the broken glass spider cracked everywhere and the broken glass came crashing to the floor.  Alex was more concerned with the broken glass than his head, but the blood started to flow from two very deep cuts.

At that moment, 11 year old Alyssa ran forward and shouted, "We need to pray!" They all agreed and mom prayed as she put pressure on Alex's head with a tissue that Dad had retrieved.  They then left to take Alex to the ER, but before they even reached the car the bleeding totally stopped.  Since head wounds usually bleed profusely, they felt very blessed. He had to have 7 stitches but he didn't have a concussion or any pain.  He didn't cry once, even when the stitches were being put in.  Amy Jo says the whole thing was a miracle.

Stop the Storm

Becky Stayton

A spring storm was raging outside. In the mid-west, there can be threats of tornadoes along with torrents of rain, thunder and lightning. Sometimes, winds can be so strong that they blow trees over.

Seven year old Connor was watching the storm outside.  The news showed destructive winds and possible tornadoes headed our way.  The tornado sirens sounded and we prepared to go to the basement. Connor shouted, "We should pray!"  He prayed for the winds to die down and go around us.  As we waited in the basement, the news showed the high winds split down the middle and totally miss us.  Though there were small tree limbs blown down around us, our community was safe.

A Long Drive Home

Karen Smith:

I think my daughter, Sheshanah, was about 11 years old. We'd driven two hours to run errands in Billings, Montana, just the two of us. After shopping in the 1st of several stops, I was in tears with knee pain. I wondered how I'd manage to finish getting groceries and drive home with it hurting so bad. I asked her to pray. She prayed and instantly the pain left. We safely finished our errands and made the long drive home.

S'mores in the Rain

From Christy Quick

Christy and her family went camping and they were looking forward to their time outdoors together, but things did not go as planned.

Christy said, “The first thing to go wrong was the rain. It just kept raining. Sometimes it was very light and we were able to go hiking in the mist. On the days it was just dreary, we did outdoor things but would come back a little soggy. Sometimes it just poured and we had to find indoor activities to do.”

One nice day, the family drove up into the mountains to do some sightseeing.
“There was a beautiful cove full of summer flowers and we took a tour where they make molasses... We even saw a mama bear and two cubs. The problem was, we didn’t realize how long of a loop the driving tour was. We were running out of gas and had no idea how far away we were from the nearest gas station.”

They kept going and their car fuel light came on to say they were almost out of gas. Christy said she really prayed hard because on the mountain road, there was nowhere safe to pull over if they ran out of gas. Miraculously, they made it to a gas station even after the fuel indicator went blank showing no gas in their tank.

“The next thing that happened was another miracle. It was raining again and we were unable to make a lot of the food we had planned to cook because the wood and everything was so wet. There was so much water in the air, even the matches wouldn’t stay lit for long.

“Well, my attitude was becoming pretty bad. I was upset that nothing was going as planned. We had to change our meal plans and everyday my kids asked if they could make s’mores. Everyday ended in rain so we weren’t able to have the s’mores that everyone was looking forward to making.”

One evening the rain stopped for a bit so they tried to make a campfire but everything was soggy. The wood wouldn’t stay lit. They tried and tried but the fire just went out. Then, it began to rain again. Christy was so frustrated and close to tears. Finally, she gave up and went into the tent to make peanut butter sandwiches, again.

“My daughter asked to bless the food and prayed that we could have s’mores after our sandwiches. I remember rolling my eyes at her prayer because I kept thinking, ‘Child, it’s raining again. We are not going to get s’mores.’ I also tried not to laugh.

“Well, sometime in the middle of eating our dry sandwiches, my other daughter’s eyes got really big and said, ‘Mom, I think something got hit by lightning.’ From inside the tent we could definitely see something glowing outside. I unzipped the flap of the tent and found a roaring fire in our fire pit. The Lord answered my daughter’s prayer! My husband grabbed the sticks, marshmallows and an umbrella and roasted marshmallows in the pouring rain. We had s’mores that night. But more importantly, I learned a valuable lesson from my daughter. She didn’t give up hope and she had faith that God would giver her the s’mores. It was no longer a bad trip to remember, but a trip full of miracles and blessings that our family will never forget.”

Miracle Kitten

From Marie Wilson

Marie tells the testimony of a kitten that was more dead than alive.  The vet said it would probably die.  Its eyes were not healthy and Marie was afraid it would be blind. When she took it to the vet, he said, “It will take lots of care.” Marie thought, “It will take lots of prayer!”

She took the kitten to church and asked the children to pray for it. The children gathered around while she held the kitten. A few of the kids put their fingers on its tail and little paws and they prayed for the kitten. When they had finished praying, they looked up as if to say, “OK, we prayed, it’s done.”

She took the kitten home and continued to care for it as it got stronger and stronger. One eye did have to be removed but the kitten, Cricket, was so happy to have one healthy eye that it didn’t seem to matter at all. The kitten amazed Marie and the vet with how well it healed!

After the cat was well, she brought the kitten back to show the children at church the amazing answer to prayer for one of God’s little creatures.

She says she still has the cat. It is now 6 years old and is a very loving kitty cat.


A little girl named Evelyn in Malawi, Africa, was helping with the cooking at the youth home where she lived. Something happened and oil in a large pot over the fire splashed onto her face and burned her badly. She was rushed to a doctor and everything was done to help her. But, even though doctors and medicine can help a burn victim, sometimes that person still has scars to carry with them throughout their lives.
There was some fear that her eyes had been burned and she would not be able to see.
A prayer request was sent out and many people prayed for her, including the Kingdom Kids. Every once in a while, we would get an update and pray for her again. Pictures can tell the story better than words. Here arethe pictures of her journey.

She was blessed abundantly by a loving and merciful God!

Broken Bone

Testimony from Julie Marsh

When Julie’s Aunt Louise (Waterman) was a teenager she had something miraculous happen. There was a window in her house that was held up by a stick. In those days, they didn't have air-conditioning like most of us do today. They would just open all of the windows to get a breeze into the house.

This window was very heavy but the stick held it in place so it would stay open. One day, Louise accidentally bumped that stick and the window came crashing down. Her arm was in the window when it fell and it broke her arm. Her arm was broken so badly that they could see her bones sticking through the skin.

Her family was very poor and she knew it would be a hardship to go to the hospital. She told her mother to have her brothers pray for her. As they prayed, they watched the bones go back into the skin and she was totally healed.

Later, they took her to the hospital and the doctor could not find any breaks or even a skin injury.

God! Help Me!

From Brenda Snyder

When Brenda was a little girl about 8 years old, she and her friend liked to ride their bikes around her house. Her house had window wells around the bottom part of the house. She and her friend were sharing Brenda’s bike. Brenda would take a turn riding around, then her friend would take a turn. One time, Brenda decided to take an extra turn because it was her bike. She came around the corner, lost control and fell into one of those window wells. The window broke and her arm was cut from the broken glass with a huge gash that almost cut off her arm.

Brenda’s mother came running outside and found Brenda with that awful cut on her arm with blood everywhere. She didn’t know what to do. She yelled out, “God, help me!” In the next moment her mother clamped her hand down on that cut arm and held on tightly. The blood stopped flowing so freely and her mother yelled, “Help me! Help me!” Neighbors came and called the ambulance.

Brenda says that her mom didn’t know what to do but after she prayed, it was like God just made her mom grab Brenda’s cut arm.

When the ambulance came, they had to load her mother into the ambulance with her because they couldn’t pry her mother’s hand from her arm.

Later, at the hospital, after prying her mother’s hand off of the arm and surgery to put her arm back together, the doctor said that her mother saved Brenda’s life. She was a human tourniquet. Without that, Brenda probably would have bled to death.

Brenda is now a mother and a grandma. She says the doctors warned her that she might lose control of her hand as she got older. But, she says God healed her and she is fine. She just has a bit of numbness in the tip of 3 fingers. But, she can do anything she needs to do. 

Brenda’s mother was amazed because she usually freezes in stressful situations and she knew that was an act of God for her grab onto that cut arm and hold on. Brenda’s mother remembered that testimony all of her life.

This is a good example of answered prayer by a mighty and wonderful God!

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