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1. Who is the King?

Video - God's Story - Jesus

2.  Talking to the King

Video - Why Do We Pray?

Video - Prayer, God's Story

3.  Rooted and Grounded

Video - Parable of the Farmer and the Seeds

4.  Praise

Video - David Praises God

Video - Praise the Lord

5.  Repent

Video - The Prodigal Son

6.  Forgive

Story - Pockets Full of Rocks pdf

Malcom Tent began picking up rocks when someone offended him.  It got worse and worse until a geology professor wanted to see his "rock collection."

Video - Joseph Forgives His Brothers


Video - Fruit of the Spirit

Video - Testimony About Fruit

Video - Love Your Enemies

8.  Ask and Yield

Video - Vine and Branches

Video - Story of Naaman

Story - The Pearl Necklace

9.  New Life With the King

Video - How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

Video - Jesus Speaks to Nicodemus

10.  Do the Most Good

Video - Spiritual Gifts

11.  Listen to the King

12.   Praying for Others

13.  Finding the Lost

Story - Lost and Found.pdf

14.  Put On Your Armor

Video - Armor of God

Story - Fight With All Your Might 

Camden loves his video games but he faces a challenge that makes him see things differently. He realizes that the Armor of God is a real thing and that he can use his strengths for the Kingdom of God.

Tags: Armor of God / Finding your gifts / Video game addiction

Fight With all Your Might

Story - Stand Up

After camp, Camden tries to follow through with his resolve but finds that it is hard.  A situation happens where he has the choice to use the armor and do what's right or ignore it.

Tags: Armor of God / Bullies / Scripture memory

Stand Up

15. Keep Your Armor Shining

Story - Out of the Darkness

Angie is experiencing darkness in her life.  Nothing is fun any more.  After hearing a story about a woman who lost her son and was able to forgive, she knows what she needs to do.

Tags: Forgiveness / God is light / Friendship

Out of the Darkness 

Story - Into the Light

Kelsey is Angie's friend, however, after some angry words she's not sure Angie wants to be her friend any more.  Kelsey begins to realize that something needs to change to restore their friendship.

Tags: Forgiveness / Pray for your enemies / Friendship / God is light

Into the Light

16.  Weapons of Warfare

17.  Weapons Against Fear

Story - Scary Stuff pdf

Becca Ann went to a new school and wanted to fit in. When other kids did some scary stuff, she went along with it.  She didn't know that she had invited Fear to live inside of her.

Story - No Fear in Love

Kelsey and Angie get an idea to combat the fear in their lives.  They find out that the praise and the Word of God is powerful against fear. 

This story may be better for upper elementary aged kids.

No Fear in Love 

18.  Wait Upon the Lord

Story - In His Time

Angie had been riding a clunker of a bicycle because that's all she had.  She prayed about it and asked her parents many times, but nothing happened. So, she took matters into her own hands.  And, it got her by. That is, until now.

In His Time 

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