KP 13. Finding the Lost

Have you ever lost a cat or dog?

How did you feel when they were lost?

If they were found, 

how did you feel when they came home?

Jesus calls us his sheep

and He is our shepherd.

A shepherd takes care of the sheep.

But sometimes his sheep 

wander away and get lost.

Sometimes we get lost from our shepherd. 

 Sometimes, people we love 

wander away from their shepherd. 

Watch this video:

In the Kingdom Kid Pledge

the last verse says:

Now, I'm a Kingdom Kid 

and I want to share with you,

the message of His Kingdom, 

so YOU can be one, too!

Jesus loves all of us so much,

He doesn't want anyone to be lost.

Maybe you know someone who was hurt or disappointed.

Maybe you know someone who doesn't know

how much Jesus loves them.


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