KP 11. Listen to the King

Jesus is sometimes called our Shepherd.  

He calls us His sheep.

Do you know why?

Jesus takes care of us like a shepherd 

takes care of his sheep.  

Sheep know the voice of their shepherd.  

We are supposed to know the voice of Jesus 

in our hearts and follow him.

Here's a story from the Bible 

about a boy named Samuel.

Did you hear what Samuel did?

He listened 


he obeyed.

Do you know someone that just 

talks and and talks and never listens?



Have you ever tried to talk to someone 

in a really noisy place?

Was it easy or hard?

Do you have a friend that you like to talk to?

Do they talk to you, too?

That's a conversation.

When we pray, we talk to God.

But, did you know that He can talk to you?

Watch this video about tuning in to God's channel.

In the Kingdom Kids pledge, it says:

The Holy Spirit, which is like Jesus living inside of you, 

can speak to you and help you.


But, He doesn't usually speak out loud.

We don't often hear Him with our ears.

There are people who have heard God's voice, 

but most people hear Him in a different way.

Have you noticed God talking to you?

In what way?

Write it down!

Keep it safe in a journal or something.

Here's something fun to do.

Become a journalist or a news person.

Get a camera or a pen and paper 

and interview people.

Talk to someone close to you. 

Talk to a parent or a grandparent. 

Maybe talk to your pastor or 

Sunday School Teacher.

Pssst!  You need to ask their permission before 

you take their picture or a video of them!

Ask them: 

Have you ever heard from God?

How has God talked to you?

What did they say?

What about you?


God is talking to you through scriptures.


He will talk to you through songs.


 it's just a feeling of joy that comes to your heart.

The important thing is to get to know 

HIM through PRAYER 

and His Word 

and then LISTEN!

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