13. Finding the Lost

Pray for those who are lost

In the parable of the lost sheep, the shepherd goes in search of the one who went astray. We are all important in the Kingdom of God and when one of His followers gets "lost" He goes is search of them.  

As Kingdom Kids, we can take to heart the pledge that says:

Now I'm a Kingdom Kid

And I want to share with you,

The message of His Kingdom 

So you can be one, too!

Part of sharing His Kingdom with others is praying for those who may be lost for one reason or another.

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This video is great for the leaders and the parents:  https://youtu.be/yUjpxwN4dfM

Prayer Challenge

During your family prayer time, focus some of your prayers are those who are lost and need to find their Shepherd.
The children now have learned many prayer points. Review them and ask God what tools and scriptures to use to pray for those that are lost. Practice listening for God's direction in how to pray.

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