Who is on God's heart?  Who does He want you to pray for?

In the KidsGap book, Jenny Almquist says: It is a privilege to pray for others who have a need.  Sometimes God is just waiting for someone to ask so that He can answer a prayer.  God might want you to pray for someone because you have gone through the same difficult situation as that person, and you can pray in faith because you saw the Lord work. 

He WANTS us to ask!  Kingdom Kids was HIS idea!  We get to partner with him in prayer.  That is such an exciting concept!

For more info about this, look at Chapter 4 in the KidsGap book.

This is a really good video about praying for others.

It is not really geared for  children but it gives a good understanding.

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Prayer Challenge

Continue to P.R.A.Y.  while listening and thinking, "What does God want?" 
Listen and pray for others using scriptures or however God leads you when you listen.  

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