This Kids' Page can be used by teachers, parents or kids. It has some of the #3 Prayer Point and a few extras.

Decide how much or how little you want to use each time.

Review scriptures, songs and the Kingdom Kid Pledge.

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving.  Spend some time in prayer.

Are you rooted and grounded?

If your heart is like a garden, 

what is planted there?

God's Word says, if we understand 

how much God loves us, 

it will root His spirit in us so deeply 

that we won't 

be blown over by the storms of life.

God's love is HUGE!!

1.  God's is like a circle, a circle big and round

So when you see a circle, remember God is love.

2.  God's love is like a mountain, a mountain high strong

So when you see a mountain, remember God love.

3.  God's love is like an ocean, an ocean deep and wide.

So when you see an ocean, remember God is love.


Wait, did you say there are storms 

that can blow us over?

Are there really storms in life?


Going through 

Hard things in life are like a storm.

God wants us to be so rooted and grounded 

that we keep our eyes and hearts focused on HIM!!

Remember Peter who walked on water? 

When he took his eyes off of Jesus, 

he started to sink.  

But, Jesus was right there to pull him back up.

Do you have a testimony of when 

God protected you 

or saved you from harm?

Do you know God loves YOU?

Those testimonies help root and ground us!

Our experiences are very important!  

Write them down or ask a parent to help you write them.

How do we do keep our eyes on Jesus?

One way is to plant the scriptures in our hearts.

This video tells the Parable of the Sower.  

Sowing seed means to plant.

See if you can figure out what the seed 

is that is planted. 

Have you planted any scriptures in your heart?

How about this one? Do you know it?

John 3:16 says:

Can you say it by heart?

 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, 

that whosoever believeth on him 

should not perish, but have everlasting life.



Try it now! 

Maybe you can make it into a song 

or a chant to remember it better!

Here are some fun activities to help you learn scriptures! Click Here


Another way to be rooted and grounded  

is to look and listen.

God may be trying to show you His love 

and even talk to you.  

But, He doesn't usually shout 

or even talk out loud.  

Seeing and hearing Him 

is like a treasure hunt!

Here's a skit to read together.

Rooted and Grounded Skit 

Sometimes, God's love surrounds us so much we don't even realize it!

We take it for granted!

God has blessed us so much, all we have to do is look around us at His creation and see that we are blessed and loved beyond measure.  

Take some time to look around you. 

Notice the sky, the plants around you, the animals - even the insects! 

Notice how awesome the parts of your body are.

 For example, your eyes and ears are miraculous creations!  

Everything about you is a miracle!

Our God is a miracle maker!!

Of course a very good way  to be 

rooted and grounded

 is to 


Did you know that prayer is just talking to God?

But, it's not just asking Him for things you want.

It's not like making a list for Santa Claus. 

Do you remember the 

different parts of prayer?

Click Here

I P.R.A.Y. pray!

I P.R.A.Y. pray!

I praise, repent, ask and yield,

This is the way I put on my shield!

I P.R.A.Y. pray!

I'm ready for the day!

What about you?

Spend some time talking to God.

Keep watching and listening 

for His messages of love!

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