1. Who Is the King?

1. Who Is the King?

How would you feel, 

if you knew the King of Kings, 

the Creator of the Universe called 

and asked you to visit Him?

He did! 

He is calling children 

all across the world 

to learn about Him and talk to Him. 

And, he wants to talk with YOU!

I John 3:1-2   

Behold, what manner of love the Father 

hath bestowed upon us, (given us)

that we should be called the sons of God…

The scripture says He loves us so much he calls us 

the SONs of God.  

"Son" just means child whether you are a boy or girl.

Here's a fun song to remember this scripture verse

Jesus is called the King of Kings.

He is so wonderful, 

that He doesn't have just one name.  

He has MANY names because He is 

so powerful 

and yet kind and loving. 

To be a child of the KING is

pretty awesome!

Listen to these songs.  

Try to capture the names of Jesus as you hear them.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Glory, Alleluia,

Jesus, Prince of Peace

Glory, Alleluia

What names did you hear?

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

What else?

Listen to this one to add names to your list.

More names!!

Savior, Lord, Emmanuel, Redeemer...

Wow!  So many names for one person!

Do you have your scriptures handy?  

Look up this verse:

Genesis 1:2 (IV)

He's our creator!!

What name(s) do you see?

Isaiah 9:6

This one is from the Book of Mormon

3 Nephi 4:47-48

Did you write them down?

Now that you have captured 

all of those names,

do something with them 

to help you remember them.  

Here's an art project you could do!

Get some paper and markers and crayons.  

Draw a cross in the middle

Now write all of the names 

all around.  

Use different colors.  Get creative!  

Decorate it!

But the most important part is to be 

able to read the words.

Now, have an adult help you

hang it somewhere where you can see it.

How do we talk to the King?  


When you are praying, 

you could look at your art project.  

Remember that the God of the universe 

and His Son, Jesus, are 

 so mighty, with so many names,

and yet He LOVES YOU and wants to hear from you!!  

What an awesome privilege!  

If you have asked Jesus to be YOUR KING, 

have asked Him into your heart and want to be in His Kingdom,


We would love to see your posters!

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