2d. Forgive

Forgive us our trespasses 

as we forgive those 

who trespass against us.

What does that mean?

In this instance, trespasses mean sins. 

God forgives us 


we forgive others.

What??  Why??Remember that your heart 

is a garden for God's Spirit? 

If your garden is full of rocks of 


God's Spirit can't grow.

Read this story about Malcom Tent

Do you carry rocks in your heart? 

Read this skit with a parent or another person.

Forgiveness Skit pdf

Forgiveness is really hard.  

It feels like some people don't deserve to be forgiven.

But God forgives us when we ask


if we forgive others.

God loves us SOOOOOOOO much, 

He doesn't want us to be 

separated from Him.  

At all.

Of course we aren't perfect.  

None of us are.

But that's why He sent Jesus.  

Jesus is perfect.  

He knows we can't be perfect by ourselves.  


Here's a link to another video about forgiveness


When you pray, ask the Lord 

if you have any rocks that are in your heart.  

Forgive and let them go!

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