2b. Praise

Make a joyful noise!! 

What does that mean? 

Why should we praise the Lord?

Remember that part of being rooted and grounded is knowing God's word.

Begin learning Psalms 100.


Last time, we talked about our 

heart as a garden.  

When we realize God loves us 


that He sent His son Jesus 

to show us the way back to Him, 

praise is the natural reaction.

 Praise is like water for the seed 

of God's spirit

growing inside us.

Do you know the Lord's Prayer?  

Here's how it starts:

"Our Father who art in heaven  
Hallowed be thy name."

What is hallowed?

Did you say hollow?  

No, not quite.

Hallowed means 




Read this skit


So, PRAISE is the perfect preparation 

for our prayers!

Spend a little time praising the Lord 

and just tell Him how much you love Him. 

You could even use the names of Jesus 

from our first Prayer Point. 

Have you been noticing ways God 

tells you that He loves you?  

Thank Him and praise Him for those!!  

Notice the joy in your heart when you praise Him?  


Remember that part of being rooted and grounded 

is knowing God's word.

Begin learning Psalms 100.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord...

Here's a song to help you.

Psalm 100:1-5

Here's the Hand of Prayer  

Do you know all of the parts of prayer?

So when you pray, just tell God what a wonderful God He is.  Tell Him anything that is on your heart or sing Him a song!  

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