Youngest Pray-ers

05 Apr

This adventure called Kingdom Kids is all about prayer.  It is all about mighty prayer from some of the most overlooked Prayer Warriors on the planet.  Children!!  

• When He told me "Kingdom Kids," I didn’t know exactly what it was about. He sent a video to me through a friend that told about a man’s 2 year old daughter who drowned in a swimming pool. After they had gotten her out of the pool and revived her as much as possible, they took her in an ambulance to a hospital. As the ambulance was pulling out, this man asked the Lord who to ask to pray for his daughter. This man knew famous pastors all over the country. But, the Lord brought a group of children to his mind that had gathered around him and prayed for him one time before he spoke. He said the Spirit surged through him in a mighty way when those children prayed. As he mentioned the children praying, the Holy Spirit leapt within me, like a punch to my chest and I gasped with the realization, K Kids is about PRAYING CHILDREN!! Not only did those kids pray that baby back to life, but she had no effects from being under water for up to 45 minutes! That’s the power of the Lord flowing through the youngest pray-ers!

• As I was trying to figure out what the Lord had in mind for K Kids, my own grandchildren started praying for me to be healed of a food allergy. They had enough faith to begin asking if I had eaten those things I was allergic to yet. Through their prayers of faith, me working through my fears to act on their faith, and build my own faith, I am totally healed of those allergies. That is the faith of the youngest pray-ers!

• On the day of our first K Kids OTK outside, Dawn’s dog ran off and got lost. Those of us who were not out looking for her were praying that she would be found and unharmed. When the dog was finally located, we found out that it had crossed a busy street, been chased by a Rottweiler and was hiding in some tall grass. Only by the grace of God, was that dog found and unharmed. That is the love and power of prayer of our youngest pray-ers.

• At one of our K Kids, we decided to pray for the children from a youth home in Malawi. Two of our YAKK helpers had been adopted and that project touched their hearts in a big way. One of them has now sponsored a child (with the help of her family) from the youth home. Another little girl was so overcome with love and concern for the children in Africa, she ran out of the room. When a leader followed her and talked with her and prayed with her, she said a very heartfelt prayer for the children. That is the love and compassion of our youngest pray-ers.

• My mother was having a lot of pain in her shoulder and knee. She is 87 years old and had broken many bones in a fall down the stairs the year before. She had been complaining about pain while we were visiting her. We asked if she would like us to pray for her. She said yes! My grandkids and I gathered around her and held hands. We each prayed for the pain to go away and other things as we were led. Later that evening she texted and said she had not had one bit of pain since we had prayed earlier in the day! That is the power of God working through our youngest pray-ers.

• One day, I was very upset about something and I had lost my peace. We were driving somewhere and my grandkids were in the backseat being very quiet while I fumed. All of a sudden, a peace settled over me and the anger I had been feeling immediately left. I apologized to the kids for my venting and then my grandson spoke up. He said, “Grandma, I just prayed for you to have peace. As soon as I finished my prayer, you said you were sorry.” That is the discernment and power of the Prince of Peace through our youngest pray-ers.

These are just some of the examples of children’s prayers that I know about. Just imagine if all of our children knew that the same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus' disciples and every believer since then, also lives in them if they open the door and let Him in! (Mark 16:16-19) There is no junior Holy Spirit! In fact, Jesus said about children, “Of such is the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:12) They have more faith than we can fathom.

My testimony is that He is calling His children to answer the call to be part of His Kingdom on earth through mighty prayer. Who is going to answer this call?

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