15 Jun

I recently had an exciting experience!  I was at church reunion and thinking of the subject of salvation for my class. But, as I looked at the large wooden cross up front I began to see a very simple but meaningful illustration.

I was thinking about the cross being the path back to God. When man sinned, we were separated from God. There was a huge gap between man and God.  

But, when Jesus came, He filled the gap.  The cross is the symbol of our way back to God. 

Then, in my minds' eye, I pictured the resurrected Christ over the cross with his arms outstretched.  I realized that the top of the cross was His head pointing up to God.  At the bottom of the cross were his feet, signifying the Holy Spirit helping us walk out our walk on this earth.  And then I realized that the outstretched arms of Jesus are there to draw us into an embrace.  

The cross became a living cross to me.  Not a symbol of a crucified Jesus,  but a living Jesus! A living Jesus that points the way back to the Father.

When I look at the cross, I want to think of Him with His arms outstretched, calling to me and ready to give me a big hug!

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