27 Oct

A couple days ago, my mom was talking to me about how music helps to cement concepts, like scriptures, in a more permanent way.  She remembered having children at church choose a Psalm and put it to music. Then, we began wondering about how many of the seeds that we'd planted along the way in our teaching had born any fruit. My mom mentioned my brother and his childhood friend finding the shortest Psalm and putting it to a popular tune probably 35-40 years ago. 

I decided to message that friend of my brother's and ask if he remembered it.  He had connected with me after my brother's accident several years ago.  I didn't know much about him, but I took the chance of Facebook messaging him.

A day later, he responded, "Yes, I do!" Then, he told about several miracles in his life and how he is thinking about going into ministry. We were blown away!  You just never know what seeds that you and the Holy Spirit plant in children's lives are going to take root and grow. 

It was the encouragement we needed to keep planting those seeds!

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