30 May

This last week, we had a Kingdom Kids Outdoors event.  Since we have the Covid-19 thing going on, we met outside and had some activities planned.  Part of our activity was cuddling some of the helpers' dogs to break the ice and to illustrate "love."  Unfortunately, one of the dogs, a little pug named Penny,  took off for a run.  Our well planned gathering became a little chaotic. Penny's owner became frantic and some people had to leave to find the dog. Those that stayed, prayed.  We prayed and hoped for a good ending to the disaster.  We tried to continue with plans, but our minds and hearts were constantly on that missing dog. After 30-40 minutes the dog was found several blocks away.  It had crossed a busy street, was chased by a Rottweiler, and was hiding in some tall grass.  It would not come to the man that found it.  Penny only came out when her owner came to rescue her.

When we knew that Penny had been found and was safe, we praised the Lord! We also realized that we had been given several real life lessons. We had an awesome testimony about answered prayer. We discussed how the Lord loves us even when we stray from Him. There may be several other lessons that can be learned as we reflect on the day. One of the youth wrote a testimony of that experience later that day and we posted it on our Facebook page.

This experience may be the only thing those kids and youth helpers will remember about Kingdom Kids, and that's okay.
Hopefully, they will remember that God is a loving God and He answers prayer. That was the goal. We just didn't plan for the day to go quite that way!

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