18 Jul

When you think about it, everything either brings light or darkness, a blessing or a curse.

The first bite of pecan pie seemed like a blessing. It was luscious goodness in my mouth. But the fourth or fifth bite probably was becoming a curse. By bite eight or nine I knew it was a curse. The sugar surging through my body, the fat piling on my hips, I could tell that pie was definitely not a benefit to me. But, I couldn’t stop until it was gone.

I’ve begun to notice things in my life. Is this decision a blessing or a curse? Does this bring light into my life? Or does it bring darkness?

Last night I watched a couple of episodes about an oriental lady who helps bring peace and order to a home by getting rid of clutter. She says to hold each item in your hands and ask yourself if it brings you joy. I contemplated that for a bit. It honestly sounds like a good plan. But, it misses the mark for me. If I held each container of chocolate in my hands, I can tell you, they bring me joy. But, is it a blessing to my body? Maybe in small amounts. After all, chocolate is supposedly good for us, right? But, there are other things that might bring artificial joy that are really not good for us. I know what they are for me.

So, I am thinking that I need to be aware of each thought, each action, each book or movie, each food item and ask, is this light to my life? Will this bring a blessing or a curse? Will this bring me closer to Jesus? Not everything is easy to see in black and white. Honestly, judging each and everything in our lives on our own could end up being an exhausting task. But, the Holy Spirit will help if we listen. Each time there is a question about something, maybe just pause. Ask the Lord if it is a blessing or a curse. Light or darkness. He will help us see.

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