10 May

Becky Stayton

Remember the testimony I told you about of God healing me from sensitivities to citrus fruits?

When my grandchildren began to pray for me to be healed of my citrus sensitivity I agreed with their prayer. I accepted their prayer for me….BUT, I had had so many headaches and been sick so much in the past that it was hard not to fear.

My grandchildren began asking me if I had eaten any oranges or lemons. I had to tell them, no, I hadn’t. I tried to take a drop or two of lemon juice to test it, but I was too afraid to do more than that.  I hadn’t eaten a whole orange or even a slice of one in many many years.

So, I prayed about it. I felt like the Lord said to me, “The children’s faith is enough for your healing, but you have to trust ME.”

Through prayer, fasting and praising the Lord - just focusing on Him - the Holy Spirit helped me have the courage to step out in faith. With His strength and "the assurance of things hoped for," I ate an orange and I didn’t get sick. But, a day later, I was attacked by the enemy with a headache. I knew I had been healed and I realized it was the enemy trying to take away God’s gift. So, I just praised the Lord for His healing and told the enemy to GET LOST! It took a bit to convince the enemy to stay away through lots of prayer and praise. But, after that, I was totally healed and can eat any citrus I want.

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