15 Oct

Do the Most Good With the Gifts You Have

Before a recent K Kid event, these words came to me, "Do the most good with the gifts you have."  They repeated themselves over and over in my head.  I knew that they were important.  The Holy Spirit was trying to tell me something.

During the event, we talked about God's love and our love for others.  Then, we discussed that God gives us gifts to use to love Him and to love others.

The kids were each given a paper bag with one item in each.  In each bag was one ingredient to help in planting flower seeds: a pot or a bag of dirt,  or some small rocks for drainage, or a bottle of water  or some seeds. They were told, "Do the most good with the gifts you have."  

Of course, some of them thought the item in the bag was just for them.  But, most realized that they needed to work together and share their bag's contents to plant a flower.  Some precious interactions took place.  I observed one boy who only used a small amount of dirt in his flower pot. He didn't know that others also had dirt and he didn't need to share.  One of the girls was generous with the remains of her bottle of water, not wanting it to go to waste.  Maybe some of these small lessons were lost on the younger ones.  Maybe not.  Hopefully, a seed was planted in their hearts.

Those words have stayed with me.  "Do the most good with the gifts you have."  Some of our kids have the gift of kindness.  Maybe they have the gift of serving, of teaching, of patience or some other gift.  As parents, you may be able to see their gifts better than they can. Maybe we can help them understand their gifts and talents a little more.  As Kingdom Kids, maybe we can encourage them to do the most good with the gifts they have for the Kingdom of God.

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