Kingdom Kids
On Their Knees

Equipping kids to become
a vital part of God's KINGDOM on earth
by partnering with Him in prayer

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Lord's Prayer Series

The Kingdom Kids are excited to share this series with you!

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What are you Not Doing?

New blog post about praising God at all times.

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Kingdom Kids Booklets

New booklet sized Prayer Point Lessons!

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Prayer is Relationship Blog

How big is your God? What does it take for a miracle?

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Who We Are

Kingdom Kids on Their Knees is a prayer based ministry for children.

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Kingdom Concepts

What is meant by the Kingdom? Is it in heaven or on earth?

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Kingdom Kids

An introduction to Kingdom Kids on Their Knees.

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them
  •  12/31/2022 05:25 PM

Children's prayers are powerful.

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Ugly Doll
  •  11/30/2022 09:23 AM

Sometimes what we view as ugly or unworthy is really loved and cherished when we see with new eyes.

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Exercise Your Prayer Muscles
  •  11/16/2022 06:47 AM

Building our prayer life and faith may take time. We need to exercise our prayer life to grow stronger.

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What Are You NOT Doing?
  •  11/10/2022 12:04 PM

If we continually praise God, what are we NOT doing?

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